Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekly Update #56

Editor's Note

Sorry for the late post.  I just got back from a friend's wedding in Peoria.  I had a great time and would like to wish Dan and Kim Pelphrey the best of luck as they start their new life together.

Thanks to Doc Quincy E. Quartermain who runs the Alternate History Track at Dragon Con.  He was kind enough to let me post updates the blog at the Track's Facebook group.  It is a good place to get info on alternate history, especially Steampunk, and get updates about what the Track has planned for the Con.  I highly reccomed you go check it out.

This week we will have New Releases on Tuesday, a Chris Nuttall article on the CSA on Wednesday, a review of Land of Hope and Glory by Geoffrey Wilson (who was kind enough to send a signed copy of his novel to review) on Thursday and a run down of why you can expect over the month of June as we get closer to the one month anniversary.

We also got our first reader from Namibia.  Welcome!

And now the news...

Mike Tymczyszyn to sign copies of Titan

Screenwriter and author Mike Tymczyszyn will be signing copies of his graphic novel Titan: An Alternate History on Saturday June 2nd at Chapters on Queensway.  For those who have not read Titan, here is a brief description:
“Professor Peter Tytan wasn’t even a blip in history. He taught archeology to largely unengaged students, and lived a largely unassuming life. That life changed when a brutal mugging left him broken, bloodied and hallucinating. Did the lives he saw really happen? Could a tribe of nomads have been gathered together from the Steppes of ancient Russia and marched to war across Asia? Could a single slave have changed the outcome of The Crusades? Who really profited from the Industrial Revolution, and was his death just the beginning of an empire that will eventually control the world?”
Those hoping to learn more about the graphic novel can read my review of Titan or this one at TdotComics by Ryan C. Burgess.  When asked about Titan 2 on Twitter, Mike replied: "we're working on it. Hope to have at least one issue done by fan expo this August!"

Links to the Multiverse


Counterfactual by Arthur Goldhammer at French Politics.

If Britain had joined the euro by Jeremy Warner at The Telegraph.

Writing the alternate history historical by K. Reed at Writers and Authors.


Brave New World: Revolution – The Trilogy Begins, is it a “A New Hope” or a “Phantom Menace”? by What Jonas Thinks.

Literary Look Ahead: The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln by Michael Schaub at NPR.

Review: 'Geared for Pleasure' by Rachel Grace done by Jessie Potts at USA Today.

Review of Goliath by Scott Westerfeld done by Calico Reaction.

Review of The Mongoliad, Book One done by Marlene Harris at Reading Reality.

S.M. Stirling's Emberverse Series by Ross Arlen at A Threatening Noise From The Sea.

Online AH

1636: The Kremlin Games – Snippet 41 by Eric Flint.

Ad Astra Per Aspera at TV Tropes.

May 24, 1789 – Irish Rebels Take Dublin by This Day in Alternate History.

May 25, 1521 – Martin Luther Assassinated by This Day in Alternate History.

Video Games

What If Square Never Left Nintendo? by Todd Ciolek at 1Up.

What If Steam Hadn't Recovered From Its Shaky Launch? by Dennis Farrell at 1Up.


Hope for Revolution by My Green Misadventure.

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