The following are a list of past interviews with alternate historians:

Greg Ahlgren: author of Prologue (11/23/11)

Taylor Anderson: author of the Destroyermen series (5/4/16)

Lou Antonelli: author of Another Girl, Another Planet (3/24/16)

Hugh Ashton: author of Beneath Gray Skies (6/29/11)

J.L. Avey: author of An Alternate History of the Netherlands (3/6/13)

Tom Black: founder of Sea Lion Press (8/20/15)

Sebastian Breit: author of Wolf Hunt: The Burning Ages (7/29/11)

Tyler Bugg: author of "From Enigma to Paradox" (11/14/12)

Jack Campbell: author of The Lost Fleet (9/7/16)

Christopher M. Cevasco: author and editor of Paradox magazine (10/10/14)

Jennifer Ciotta: author of I, Putin (5/3/12)

Dale Cozort: author of Exchange (11/17/11)

George Crall: author of Hitler Invades England (2/8/12)

Rhys Davies: author of Timewreck Titanic (5/17/12)

Lynn Davis: alternate cartographer who goes by "ToixStory" (4/23/15)

Michael Lee "Gan" Day: administrator and founder of Endless Worlds (a.k.a. Other History) (2/24/16)

RF Dunham: author The Other Side of Hope (8/18/16)

Robin Dunn: author of "Hands and Grater" (5/29/13)

Henrik FĂ„hraeus: project lead and lead designer of Crusader Kings II (11/21/12)

Hominid (a.k.a. Owen): administrator and founder of Diverginguniverses (3/30/16)

Bill Fawcett: author of 101 Stumbles in the March of History (9/6/16)

James "Krall" Fitzmaurice: founder and admistrator of Althistoria (2/11/16)

Joseph Franciosa Jr.: co-author of Young Adolf (3/13/12)

Cody Franklin: founder and curator of The Alternate History Hub (2/26/14)

Katina French: author of "Bitter Cold" (5/30/13).

Paula Goodlett: author of numerous Assiti Shards stories and editor of the Grantville Gazette (10/17/14)

Thomas Gorence: creator of Time Samplers (12/19/12)

William Peter Grasso: author of East Wind Returns (9/4/11)

Alan Gratz: author of The League of Seven (9/23/14).

Ella Grey: author of "Wings" (5/31/13)

Grey Wolf: administrator of Alternate History Fiction (1/22/16)

Thomas Wm Hamilton: author of Time for Patriots (3/27/14).

Jordan Harbour: host of the Twilight Histories podcast (5/3/13)

Frank Harvey: Author of Explaining the Iraq War: Counterfactual Theory, Logic and Evidence (4/17/14).

Roel "lordroel" Hendrikx: Administrator of Alternate Timelines Forum.

Karen Hellekson: Keynote speaker at the Sideways in Time Conference (12/12/14).

Mark Jeffrey: author of Age of Aether (11/15/12)

Andy Johnson: author of Seelowe Nord (1/11/12)

David Kowalski: author of The Company of the Dead (4/3/12)

Evelyn Leeper: Sidewise judge and Uchronia contributor.

Bruno Lombardi: author in the Altered America anthology (4/2/14)

Mark Lord: editor of the Alt Hist magazine (7/20/11)

Ian R. MacLeod: author of Wake Up and Dream (11/13/12)

Michael J. Martinez: author of The Daedalus Incident (7/24/13)

Ian Montgomerie: founder and administrator of (10/2/14)

Alison Morton: author of Inceptio (3/27/13)

Bruce Munro: alternate cartographer who goes by "B Munro" (6/25/15)

Chris Nuttall: author of The Royal Sorceress and Schooled in Magic (10/5/123/7/14 and 12/16/15)

Nicholas Pardini: co-host of What If History podcast (10/28/11)

Blaine Pardoe: author of Never Wars (3/18/15)

Joe Pearson: creator of War of the Worlds: Goliath (9/12/12)

Robert G. Pielke: author of A New Birth of Freedom: The Visitor (6/29/12)

Jeff Provine: author of Hellfire and editor at This Day in Alternate History Blog (6/23/16)

Doctor Quincy E. Quartermain: director of the Alternate History Track at Dragon*Con (6/8/12)

Jacopo della Quercia: author of License to Quill (1/19/16)

Matthew Quinn: author of "Coil Gun" (9/21/11)

Roger L. Ransom: author of The Confederate States of America: What Might Have Been (9/20/12)

Rvbomally: alternate cartographer and author of "Ad Astra Per Aspera" (5/29/15)

Ian Sales: 2012 Sidewise nominated author of "Adrift on the Sea of Rains". (8/8/13)

Guy Saville: author of The Afrika Reich (10/6/11)

Carole Scott: author of Clopton's Short History of Confederate States of America (2/23/12)

Graeme Shimmin: author of A Kill in the Morning (6/11/14).

Tony Schumacher: author of The Darkest Hour (1/14/15)

Steve/Caliboy1990: administrator of Steve's AH Place (3/23/16)

Steven H Silver: Sidewise Awards judge, bibliographer, publisher, and editor (8/16/11)

Alan Smale: author of Clash of Eagles trilogy. (4/13/16)

Eric Swedin: Sidewise award winning author of When Angels Wept (9/9/11)

Harry Turtledove: the master of alternate history (3/24/15)

Steven W. White: author of Outrageous Fortunes (8/26/11)

Geoffrey Wilson: author of Land of Hope and Glory (6/13/12)

James Young: author of Acts of War (2/19/15)

Bryce Zabel: author of Surrounded by Enemies (8/14/14)

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