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Forums - An active alternate history discussion board on the Internet.

alternate-history - The Yahoo group on alternate history.

Alternate History Fiction Forum - forum affiliated with Infinity Wanderers.

Counter-Factual.Net - Community with forum and zine.

History Alternate - a place for historical what if discussion.

The Sideways Multiverse Club at Tribe.

S. M. Stirling Discussion Group - A Yahoo discussion group for the books of author S. M. Stirling.

soc.history.what-if - The usenet newsgroup on alternate history with over a decade of archives.


Alternate History Wiki -'s wiki. Not to be confused with the Wikia below.

Alternate History Wikia - Alternate History Wikia, maintained by Wikia.

Harry Turtledove Wiki - Wiki for the people, places, and events that are portrayed in the writings of Harry Turtledove.

Ill Bethisad Wiki - A shared universe focusing on various conlags.

Map Continuation - A collaborative world project set on designing a realistic planet from a common point of divergence.


Alternate History Fiction - Site for unpublished alternate history stories.

Black Shuck's Alternate History Page - Robert Brown's alternate history site.

The Burning Ages - Official Website of Sebastian P. Breit.

Clopton's Short History of the Confederate States of America - A thorough scenario about an independent Confederacy.

Dai Nippon Teikoku - A long scenario where a Russian-Japanese war occurs in 1939.

Das Dritte Reich - An alternate history project where Karl Jarres is elected President of Germany in 1925.

David Johnson's Webpage - David Johnson's alternate history site.

Decades of Darkness - Featured scenario where the United States has a civil war in the early 1800s and splits into two nations. Includes unrelated timeline called Lands of Red and Gold.

For All Time - Henry Wallace becomes President of the United States in 1941.

Gateway: Alternate World Timelines - Ian Montgomerie's alternate history site. - Author Richard J. (Rick) Sutcliffe's collection of alternate history links.

Isaac's Empire - The Byzantine Empire survives and becomes a global superpower in the 18th century.

John Reilly's Alternative History - A collection of original stories and essays.

J.T.'s Alternate History Site - J.T. Tate's alternate history site.

My Alternate Histories - David K. Tormsen's alternate history site.

Other Timelines - Defunct website, but still a large archive of alternate history timelines.

Robert's Alternate History Place - Robert Perkins' alternate history site.

Shades of History

TILT! - A series of alternate Earths, playing with climatology, evolution, and cultural geography.

The Tony Jones Alternate History Page - Tony Jones' alternate history site.

What If? An Alternate History Site - This site will help answer the mysteries of how life would be if history was changed.

Defunct Websites

NOTE: Using the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive, you can now read classic online AH that has otherwise been removed from the Internet.

Alternative History by Ed Thomas - Defunct author site, but can access through the Internet Archive.

What if Gordon Banks had Played? - Alternate history of the United Kingdom in the 1970s.

Author sites

Cherie Priest's Official Blog

The Chrishanger - Official website of Chris Nuttall.

Dale Cozort's Alternate History - Official website of Dale Cozort.

Harry Turtledove Website - Official website of Harry Turtledove.

The Kim Newman & Eugene Byrne Alternate History Pages - Alternate history stories by Kim Newman and Eugene Byrne.

Notes From the Lizard Lair - Blog of author Deborah Teramis Christian. - The official S. M. Stirling website.

Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction in SM Stirling's Universes - Fan fiction site for the works of S. M. Stirling. Moderated by Kier Salmon.

For All Nails - Fan fiction site for Robert Sobel's For Want of a Nail.


Alternate History Inquirer - Blog operated by Jake (Yelnoc) seeking to promote thoughtful discussion of "historical what-if" scenarios. Hosts the podcast.

An Alternate History of the Netherlands - A timeline that follows the evolution of a world in which the Dutch were not divided along religous lines during the Dutch Revolt of the last 16th Century.

Alternate History of the Space Age - Imagining space missions that might have been.

Alternate Timeline - This blog documents historical events or everyday occurrences that do not exist in our reality. If there is a point of divergence then it will be included.

Alternative Forces of WWII - The 'What Ifs' of WWII, including fantasy alternatives.

Captain Confederacy - Blog about the comic book superhero set in a timeline where the Confederacy won the American Civil War.

The Counterfactual History Review - Gavriel D. Rosenfeld's blog on counterfactual history.

Eric Flint’s place on the web - Author Eric Flint's blog.

Fake Fort Wayne - A fake history blog for Fort Wayne, IN.

Geeky SciFi - Is there any other kind?

Other Times - Blog with a focus on the results of plausible changed historical events or alternate decisions by historical figures.

Shattered World - A blog based on an alternate historical scenario containing an active forum and wiki.

This Day in Alternate History - Blog dedicated to showing significant events in years past on this day that shaped history... just, not our history.

Uchroniques - A French language alternate history blog.

The War Blog - Reviews and commentary on WWII fiction and non-fiction by Sebastian P. Breit.

World War III 1946 - A well-researched timeline involving World War III in 1946.


Alt Hist - An alternate history and historical fiction magazine edited by Mark Lord.

Changing the Times - An alternate history electronic magazine written and maintained by alternate historians. It contains a discussion board.

Paradox - The magainze of historical and speculative fiction.

Point of Divergence - an amateur press association devoted to alternate history.

Podcasts Podcast - Podcast produced by various members of

Twilight Histories - History/Alternate history podcast by Jordan Harbour.

What If History - Podcast hosted by Nick and Brian.


Alternate History on TV Tropes

Alternate History on Wikipedia

Archaeology Daily News - Discover a World of Archaeology...

People Cartographer/Atlas: A tumblr blog with weird and alternate history maps.

Bibliophile Stalker - A blog on speculative fiction and my other hobbies such as tabletop RPGs and anime/manga.

Curated Science Fiction - Only the best science fiction (including alternate history) on the Internet.

The History of Things That Never Were - A collection of fictional timelines.

Fantasy Map - Freelance map maker for alternate history, science fiction and fantasy worlds.

Flags of the World - Internet’s largest site devoted to vexillology.

Footnotes to History - An encyclopedia of little-known or never-was nations.

Law and the Multiverse - Blog that discusses legal issues involving superheroes.

Portable Homeland - Literary blog.

Sidewise Awards for Alternate History - Homepage for the alternate history award announced at Worldcon every year.

SF Signal - Science fiction and fantasy weblog including news, reviews and points of view.

Uchronia: The Alternate History List - A bibliography of 3100 novels, stories, essays and other printed material involving the "what ifs" of history.