Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The State of the Blog After 700,000 Page Views

I knew I would probably surpass 700,000 views by the end of August, but I didn't realize that not only would it happen earlier than I expected, but it would be because of the thousands of people who confused this map for being a real historical map of pre-Colombus America. Wow, just wow.

Wells lets begin with my usual "State of the Blog" post that I publish on these milestones. The last time we reached such a milestone was when we surpassed 600,000 page views on 4/3/15, which was roughly four months ago. The time between these milestones is growing shorter and shorter. I may just have to wait until I reach 1,000,000 page views before I do another State of the Blog post again!

Next up, lets take a look at the current top posts of all time (the list on the left is only for the week):

1) 1814: How Washington Was Saved (Part 1) by William Weber
2) One Way to Divide America: Ethnicity by Matt Mitrovich.
3) What If Wednesday: The Roman Empire Never Falls by Matt Mitrovich.
4) 6 Common Mistakes Every American Revolution Alternate History Makes by Matt Mitrovich.
5) Review: "Red Inferno 1945" by Robert Conroy by Sebastian Breit.
6) Preview: Before Watchmen by Sean Korsgaard.
7) Map Monday: A map where Europe never discovered America by liminalsoup by Matt Mitrovich.
8) Map Monday: Quantum Europe by Daniel Bensen by Matt Mitrovich.
9) Book Review: A Kill in the Morning by Graeme Shimmin by Matt Mitrovich.
10) Weekly Update #82 by Matt Mitrovich.

Congrats to Bill Weber, Seb Breit and Sean Korsgaard for remaining in the top ten posts of all time. Now we will take a look at the changes in our social media followers:
  • We had 99 Google followers on 4/3/15, now we have 101
  • We had 487 Facebook fans on 4/3/15, now we have 547
  • We had 674 Twitter followers on 4/3/15, now we have 784
  • We had 29 Networked Blogs followers on 4/3/15, now we have 31
  • We had 22 Reddit subscribers on 4/3/15, now we have 26
  • We have 55 Email Subscribers (this is the first time we have kept track of this stat).
Glad to see we had major growth on Twitter. Now lets take a look at some of our affiliated sites:
Our best month in terms of page views was last April when we surpassed 26,000 views. I hope to break that record very soon. If you want to help me that goal, please consider becoming on of my patrons on Patreon. I have a lot of rewards and milestone goals that I think you will enjoy.

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Thanks to all of the readers and contributors of The Update for helping us reach another major milestone. Expect more posts, videos and other alternate history goodness for years to come.

* * *

Matt Mitrovich is the founder and editor of Alternate History Weekly Update, a blogger on Amazing Stories and a Sidewise Awards for Alternate History judgeWhen not writing he works as an attorney, enjoys life with his beautiful wife Alana and prepares for the day when travel between parallel universes becomes a reality. You can follow him on FacebookTwitter and YouTube. Learn how you can support his alternate history projects on Patreon.


  1. "but it would be because of the thousands of people who confused this map for being a real historical map of pre-Colombus America. Wow, just wow." hoomons r stoopeed

    1. Well...ignorant is probably a nicer way of putting it. Most of the people who shared that photo are correct in saying that the quality of history education in America is lacking. They just never realized how lacking it really was. More importantly, this highlights again how obscure alternate history is to the general public, even with the success of Amazon's The Man in the High Castle, Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds and the popularity of steampunk.


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