Want to write a guest post for Alternate History Weekly Update?  Want to have your book. website, blog or project promoted on one of the fastest growing alternate history sites on the Internet?

We are looking only for non-fiction (reviews, essays, maps, flags, guest interviews, etc.) to host on our site. If you are submitting something to promote a book or story, we will need something more than just a plot summary.

All submissions should be between 500-5000 words, although we will accept longer works they just might be split into separate parts.  We are currently not paying for submissions, but we will promote your books, websites, blogs or projects in your post.

Send submissions or questions to ahwupdate at gmail dot com if you are interested.


We are an alternate history blog, but we do cover steampunk, dieselpunk, historical fantasy, counterfactuals, time travel, parallel universes, etc. In short, we want any genre where an appreciation of the past is necessary to truly enjoy the story. We are primarily a literary blog, but we do cover films, TV, games, comics, podcasts and other media.

We do NOT cover historical fiction or period pieces. Fictional characters and places are not enough to make something alternate history. We do NOT cover conspiracy theories, secret history, ancient aliens or any kind of trutherism. Just because someone believes that history happened differently from what was officially reported or wants to change our understanding of our history does not make it alternate history. We do NOT cover future history. We focus on changing the past, not predicting the future.

When in doubt, remember alternate history is a sub-genre of science fiction. (Of course, these are just guidelines. We are always willing to forego them for something interesting.)

We reserve the right to reject anything that may be offensive or obscene to our readers. Swearing and references to sex and drugs is okay, but anything too graphic will be rejected. Politics and religion is okay (history is full of it) as long as it is presented in a neutral and fair manner. Anything that promotes an ideology or belief as being superior to all others will be rejected. Same thing goes for anything racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.

We look forward to reading your articles!