Friday, September 26, 2014

Flag Friday: Russian Philippines

Guest post by Sam McDonald.
This is the flag of the Petrines, also known as the Russian Philippines. It comes from a world where Russia built up their navy early on. This meant Russia could devote more effort and focus on their colonies in the Americas. Besides further colonizing Alaska, they also colonized what would have been British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California, though not without objections from the Spanish.

Eventually, after a chance discovery of gold, the Russians and Spanish went to war over California. It was ultimately decided that Russia would pull out of California, but in exchange would take some other Spanish land; with the Spanish offering the Philippines. As a result the Russian Philippines was born.

The Russians encouraged people from many different nations to help settle their new colony both to provide labor and to prevent the former Spanish colonists (such as they were) from taking over. This would, over the years, lead to a blending of native cultures, colonial settlers and slaves from Russia's African outposts have the archipelago a unique culture like nothing before it. However, they never forgot that it was Mother Russia to whom they all, even if indirectly, were linked.

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Sam McDonald is a college student from Shreveport, LA.  When not involved with his studies he can be found making and posting maps across the web and working on short stories that he hopes to have published in magazines such as Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, and the Escape Artists Podcasts. 


  1. The Russians could have come up with a much better name other than the Petrines (Primorye, Novoprimorye, Chernarus, Malorus).

    I made a TL of this very premise, but with the Russians taking it in the 1780s, giving enough time to prevent the entrenchment of Roman Catholicism from taking root, allowing Orthodox missionaries to switch directions for Filipino Catholics. Overall, I'm glad to see someone else other than me work on this very appealing idea.

    1. This was a case of the flag came before the name. A fan suggested the idea and I ran with it, but I figured it needed something a bit better than just Russian Philippines for the name. I didn't have specific times in mind when I made this, but it should have been around the same time as your idea, so I suppose there'd be Orthodox missionaries in the Petrines

    2. I`ve studied more on Russian history and am familiar with Filipino society and how they work. To be honest, my idea for a flag of the Russian Philippines in my TL is almost the same for the flag of the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic, only the blue is sky blue.

    3. That's dandy, but I prefer my design. It appeals to me astetically, and I made it, that's always a bonus

  2. разнузданная наркомания на марше
    В присоединение к России Юкона, Британской Колумбии, Орегона, Вашингтона и Айдахо - я поверю, ибо в тем времена они были практически не заселены. Пустые земли - там индейцев практически не было,

    Но Калифорния отделена от Орегона пустыней и горами, и обменивать её на Филиппины - бред. Россия отказалась от колонизации Новой Гвинеи и Сомали (по соседству с православной Эфиопией).
    Что же говорить про Филиппины...


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