Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Releases 10/16/12

New e-books

The Chronicles of the Emperor Arthur by Steven O'Donoghue

Description from Amazon.

There have been many versions of the myth of King Arthur, but in the earliest Welsh stories, he was not a king at all, but an emperor. Following the collapse of the Roman Empire, Arthur rose to power in Britain and went on to rule most of Europe.

This short ebook details the life of this monarch, who was a stark contrast to the king seen in the works of Malory and Tennyson. To some, the Emperor Arthur was the scourge of the Saxon invaders. But to others, he was an egotistical tyrant.

The Chronicles Of The Emperor Arthur draws upon a wealth of medieval Welsh poems and stories such as The Mabinogion, each revealing a part of the life of Arthur. With annotations and referencing of sources, this ebook presents one possible narrative of Arthur's reign as an emperor.

Emily Dickinson, Superhero Episodes 1-3 by Eric Nixon

Tomb and Graves description from Amazon.

In 1852, a secret society at Amherst College succeeded in bringing the dead back to life…and quickly lost control. Emily Dickinson, a young woman imbued with superpowers, teams up with the town’s new police officer to fight the supernatural hordes attacking the annual Cattle Show.

Creation of a Superhero description from Amazon.

Emily tells her sister, Lavinia, and Officer Lawless the origins story of her abilities. From her time training with a ninja while a student at Mount Holyoke, to her becoming a patient of Dr. Jackson, and dealing with the superpowers she received in the process, Emily has to quickly adapt to deal with a crime gang threatening Boston.

Austin and Boston description from Amazon.

In January of 1853, Emily travels to Boston to visit her brother, Austin, enrolled at Harvard Law School. While there, the Boston Supers Group asks for Emily’s help in catching an unknown super terrorizing the city. Not wanting to get involved, Emily declined, but soon found herself drawn in by an old adversary and his gang bent on a single-minded determination for revenge.

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