Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Airship Update #10

We actually made it to ten Airship Updates, exciting!  Now without further ado, here is more news from the wonderful world of airships:

US Air Force is set to ground its mega-blimp spy ship before it even gets off the ground — literally. 

'Super Mario Bros. 3' Airship Gets LEGO-Fied.

“Planet-hunting with a zeppelin? I never would have believed it,” says Webster Cash ...

Guns Of Icarus Online closed beta to begin next month.

Links in the Air

Aerostats in 1912: A Look in Scientific American's Archives [Slide Show] by Daniel C. Schlenoff at Scientific American.

Airships and Oranges: The Commercial Art of the Second Gold Rush by Sarah C. Rich at Smithsonian Magazine.

More than a road: Who was Dale Mabry? by Jennifer Epstein at My Fox Tampa Bay.

World Surveillance Group Files U.S. Patent Application for Airship Design by Andy Choi at Coors Tek.

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