Saturday, September 10, 2011

Breaking News: The Oral History of Doomsday Contest

Last Thursday, I wrote a showcase on 1983: DoomsdayKorsgaard wisely pointed out that I should have posted it on September 26th, to celebrate the day where one sane man saved us all.  After berating myself for my lack of vision, I came up with a new idea!

I present to you "The Oral History of Doomsday" Contest.  For those who remember my tensure as admin on Alternate History Online, this will be a writing contest open to everyone.  All submissions must be in the form of interviews with someone alive today in the 1983: Doomsday universe who also survived Doomsday itself.

All questions and submissions may be submitted to  All submissions must be sent to that email email address before September 26, 2011.  Depending on the number of entries, I will either post the one I think was the best on September 26 or I will post the top entries over that week and allow the readers to vote for the best one.

Good luck!


  1. I assume this can be an "interview" with one's self if he or she was alive and an adult on "Doomsday." I have not put myself in the storyline, but this would be a nice way to present what I might have experienced. I even have the interviewer in mind.

  2. Yes, anyone may interview their alternate self if they so choose. However, if any of you do go that route, keep it plausible. Please do not tell me you survived a nuclear blast by putting yourself into a lead lined fridge.

  3. Sorry, I only now got around to posting this on my own blog, Mitro. I originally intended to take part myself, but, well, look for your self...

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