Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sideways in Time Paper Update 2/5/15

So I haven't posted many of these recently for the very important reason that I have been too busy writing the damn paper. In fact I completely lost track of all the new research I have been doing so there is not much to report accept for these three points below:
  • I forgot about this article in The Independent that discussed Wikia as the future of fandom. They actually mentioned the AltHistory Wiki and referenced the timelines "1983: Doomsday" and "Hail Might Joan".
  • Thanks to Evelyn Leeper for finding me a copy of Matthew Schneider-Mayerson's "What Almost Was: The Politics of the Contemporary Alternate History Novel" along with some interesting commentary from Steven H Silver. Funny enough Matthew actually emailed me shortly thereafter with another copy so it seemed like I was destined to read this article. Although far from the subject of his paper, Matthew had a lot of intriguing things to say on the online community that I plan to reference in my work.
  • Found this great article on the Sidewise Awards at the Science Fiction Awards Database. Really helped with the chronology of the Awards and the judges who participated during its run.
Now that I got that business out of the way, I am happy to report that my paper (Warping History: An Overview of Fans and Creators of Alternate History in the Internet Age) was accepted by the Sideways in Time organizers. I am going to Liverpool at the end of March and will even get a chance to spend a couple days seeing the sights in London. My wonderful father was kind enough to help me finance the trip and will be joining me to offer moral support. Dad, you have always been supportive of my dreams and I can't think of anyone better I want at my side during this journey.

Well guys not sure when the next paper update will be posted. I think I will be putting all my energy into finishing it before the conference. Expect a retrospective of the conference and maybe even an excerpt of the paper later in April. In the meantime, wish me luck!

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