Friday, January 13, 2012

Breaking News: 20,000 Page Views

So today the blog surpassed 20,000 page views. This is a great milestone for the blog and I would like to thank our fans for helping us grow. The last time the blog reached such a milestone was 11/5/11 when I announced the 10,000th page view. Let us see how the blog has progressed since then. First, the map of our readers between the two events:
World map of readers 11/5/11
World map of readers 1/13/2012
South America and the Middle East are starting to fill out nicely, but what is more important is how we have grown in our social networking presence:
  • We had 23 Google followers on 11/5/11, now we have 30 (Goal: 100 by 6/12).
  • We had 66 Facebook fans on 11/5/11, now we have 76 (Goal: 300 by 6/12).
  • We had 17 Twitter followers on 11/5/11, now we have 22 (Goal: 50 by 6/12).
If you would like to help us reach our goals, please follow us through Google, Facebook or Twitter. Those interested in sponsoring this blog should check out our Sponsors page for more details. Also feel free to check out our Amazon page or donate through PayPal. All proceeds go to reward our contributors for their hard work and to promote the blog. If you are interested in contributing to this blog, contact me at

And thank you for reading Alternate History Weekly Update