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Weekly Update #221! Mitro Reacts to the Parallel Worlds Summit and More.

Editor's Note

I have said it before and I will say it again: the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday.

I hope you guys got a chance to read Dale Cozort's article on the butterfly effect that I posted on January 28th. It actually generated some buzz, with author SM Stirling commenting on it and Tyler Bugg of (Alt)History Inc. writing a rebuttal to it. Now Dale has sent me a response to Stirling and Bugg's comments, which I plan to post later this week, so everyone has that to look forward to.

If you, however, want to submit a guest post that may be commented on by some of the biggest names in our favorite genre, you can send it to ahwupdate at gmail dot com for me to look over.

And now the news...

The Onion Covers The Parallel Worlds Summit

Stop what you are doing right now and go read "Parallel World Leaders Meet In Washington For Interdimensional Summit" on The Onion. Just as it sounds, it covers the opening day of a summit of world leaders from several alternate histories. Its hilarious and surprisingly intriguing. As Marco Scognamiglio put it on Alternate History Online: "It could be a hint for a Sci-Fi-Comedy-Douglas Adamesque Novel/film/series."

Here are just a few parts of it that I really liked:
  • "[A] hooded group of unspeaking figures known only as “the Council.”: I honestly wanted to know who these guys. Personally I am picturing alien space bats in disguise.
  • "[A]nd confronting the Roman Empire’s continued tyranny across much of the infinite set of possible world histories.": When I read this I immediately imagined a Roman Empire that had never fallen and stumbled upon the technology to travel between timelines, probably after capturing a clumsy sideways traveler. They now conquer the infinite Earths in an effort to steal advanced technology that they can't produce on their own.
  • "[F]ind ways to manage our respective Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.”: Cute, although I wonder if there are also Israeli-Ugandan conflicts, Israeli-Malagasian conflicts, Israeli-Alaskan conflicts, etc.
  • "[D]istinguished leaders who could not be here in person because they cannot exist in fewer than 27 dimensions.": Those few articles I have read that discuss the theoretical multiverse have suggested that the laws of physics may be so different in them that we couldn't even survive in them if we ever managed to travel there. I liked how the author worked that into this story.
  • "Adams, D.C.": I wonder if there were any leaders from "Debs, D.C." as well.
  • " [L]iberate millions from beneath the draconian boot heel of the Swiss.”: That's funny. I like to think that our Swiss are an outlier in the greater multiverse, while the rest are brutal imperialists.
I really do want to see someone writer a bigger story based on this idea. It could easily be The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for alternate historians.

Video of the Week

Red Dead Redemption was one of my favorite all time Xbox games and I was really interested in hearing what History Respawned had to say about it:
I also like there new title cards.

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