Monday, February 15, 2016

Map Monday: The Truest Republicans by Rvbomally and Mumby

Rvbomally and Mumby both make a return to Map Monday with their "The Truest Republicans" map:
Designed by Rvbomally, but based off a scenario created by Mumby (who also helped with the map), it features a world where the United States followed a different economic philosophy. In this timeline, Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist Party dominate early American politics, turning the United States into an industrialized mercantile empire. American soon becomes a rich, but corrupt, colonial powerhouse that violently crushes any dissent, until they lose a global war and suffer a nasty revolution. The United Republic of American Peoples is now trying to create a pure agrarian society that reminds me of Pol Pot's Cambodia. Nasty stuff really.

What I like best of this map is the theory that early America represents Thomas Jefferson's vision of society, while modern America represents Alexander Hamilton's vision. This is a timely map, especially since the musical Hamilton is currently blowing up on Broadway. Plus I like political economic histories, which can be more interesting at times then timelines created by alternate outcomes to battles.

Finally the map looks nice, with soft colors and unique borders. Good job to both alternate historians.

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