Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Andrew Wyly Film Company Acquires Rights to How Few Remain by Harry Turtledove

Here is some great news for alternate historians: the Andrew Wyly Film Company recently acquired the film rights to four books authored by Harry Turtledove: How Few Remain, The Great War: American Front, The Great War: Walk in Hell and The Great War: Breakthroughs. No word yet about the rest of the series or whether the infamous Jake Featherston will make an appearance.

For those who don't know, the series takes place in a very different America starting in 1881 with How Few Remain and ending in 1944 with In at the Death. The events occur in an alternate history where the Confederate States of America didn't lose the American Civil War. The point of divergence happens on September 10, 1862 during the American Civil War when General Robert E. Lee's Special Orders 191, which detailed Lee's plans, are not found by Union soldiers, leading to Confederate victory at the Battle of Antietam (or Sharpsburg in this timeline). Lee goes on to capture Philadelphia, earning the Confederate States of American diplomatic recognition from both Britain and France, thus winning the war (known as the War of Secession, see how much changes because of one forgetful errand boy).

Most of our readers know who Harry "The Master of Alternate History" Turtledove is, but for casual alternate historians should know that Turtledove is an award-winning author credited with bringing alternate history into the mainstream and known for a writing style that has a strong military theme. This blogger personally credits Turtledove for getting him interested in alternate history, an origin story I believe I share with several of you.

Andrew Wyly, the man behind the acquisition, says he is passionate about Turtledove's works due to his interest and background in history. "I'm looking forward to utilizing my skills as both a filmmaker and historian to bring audiences an entertaining twist on American History while maintaining the integrity of the novels," Wyly stated. Andrew, who has a BA in history from Denison University, founded the Andrew Wyly Film Company in 2007. Blood Shot, his first feature film, was completed last year along with his first book, Texas Got It Right! with his father, Sam Wyly.

Wyly is currently meeting with several studios and networks to find the right partner to develop and produce a 10 episode mini-series starting with How Few Remain. You can learn more information at, but this alternate historian is already geeking out about the possibilities. We here at The Update wish Andrew the best of luck.

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  1. OK, now THIS is an interesting development - between this and Ridley Scott's Man in the High Castle TV show, looks like AH may find a new home on a television near you.

  2. Awesome! Now if we can get someone interested in Stirling's Drakaverse...:-D

  3. Anything ever come of this miniseries idea? I would love to see a stand alone movie made of Guns of The South. If kept true to the book it would make for a very interesting ending too...


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