Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chicon 7 and Dragon*Con Announce Shared Programming Initiative

You have heard me talk about Dragon*Con in the past, especially when I interviewed the Director of the Alternate History Fan Track Dr. Q. Well this year Chicon 7 and Dragon*Con are teaming up as part of their Labor Day weekend activities.

For the first time, Worldcon and Dragon*Con will run joint programming through a two-way video link. Chicon 7 and Dragon*Con attendees will be able to sample the flavor of each other's events through a series of program items featuring participants at each location. In addition, Dragon*Con will show a live broadcast of the Hugo Awards Ceremony from Chicon 7, while Chicon 7 will present a video (previously recorded) of the unique Dragon*Con parade on the streets of downtown Atlanta, which features over 3,000 costumes.

Details of the joint programming can be found on the Chicon 7 website. Four shared program items have been scheduled for each day from Friday, August 31, to Sunday, September 2. Final details of program participants at each location will be added to the Chicon 7 website in the next week.

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