Friday, August 12, 2016

Flag Friday: Flag of the Domination of Draka by KingWillhamII

I get nostalgic about the era when I first discovered alternate history. Soc.history.what.if was slowly being replaced by and everyone seemed to have a GeoCities page. It was during that time when I first read Ian Montgomerie's take on SM Stirling's Draka books. Trying to make those books more "plausible" is a popular past time for alternate historians, but this was the first one I ever read.

So when I heard that Lynn Davis, one of my favorite alternate cartographers, was making a map based on Ian's version, I was excited. As I write this post the map hasn't come out yet, but here is the flag that goes with it:
It was created by KingWillhamII of DeviantArt and is the flag of the Domination of Draka after it won its independence from Britain. Per the description Lynn provided: The coat of arms is Sir Francis Drake's, modified with an orange band to represent the Orange River and a dragon, the self-styled symbol of the Draka, above.

All things considered, I like the flag. The design is simple, but I do like how stylized the dragon is. More importantly, it keeps me excited for another Lynn Davis map.

What do you think of the flag?

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  1. Ian Montgomerie's response to the Drakaverse is a trip down memory lane. I remember being impressed with it until a few things Ian said turned out to be incorrect - e.g., just off of memory, he pooh-poohed the notion that volcano erupted in the 1780s in Iceland (causing the Ingolfsons and other Icelanders to migrate) when, in fact, there was just such a major volcanic event in 1783 (the Laki eruption) and the subsequent "Mist Hardships". Just goes to show that some criticisms can be criticized themselves. Even after all these years, Stirling's "Drakaverse" is easily remains one of the most (if not *the* most) provocative alt histories out there.

    As far as the flag, the iconography of the Domination's Drakon holding the manacle and bush knife remains too central to the narrative to be abandoned in this flag version, though visually it is interesting. I lack enough heraldric knowledge to tell if this drakon comports with strict heraldry.

    1. Yeah, sorry about that. Very new at heraldry and this was a gift. Just tried to make it look as nice as I could. - KingWillhamII


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