Friday, July 1, 2016

Flag Friday: Concept Flags for Hearts of Iron 4 by Rock

I've been bad about doing Flag Friday, but I got a nice back log of flags to cover now so I should never be hurting for content in the future. With that being said, lets look at some flags.
These are "Concept Flags for Hearts of Iron 4" (a name I made up because one wasn't given) by Rock. For those who don't know, Hearts of Iron is a grand strategy game series from Paradox where you control the fate of a nation during the time of World War II. I played both the first and second installments a lot, until my career and this blog meant I had less time to commit to it. To be fair I was a bigger Total War fan, but I still enjoyed the games Paradox  produced.

There really isn't a story behind these flags. Rock makes it clear he made them for fun, but I still think they are well designed flags, with a different one for each form of government the three nations have. The fact that he went with Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, however, deserves to be noticed. So many alternate historians spend so much time in Europe or North America, that its nice to see someone get creative with another part of the world. Kudos.

* * *

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