Monday, October 26, 2015

Map Monday: Where Hearts Were Entertaining June (Europe 1800) by Lynn Davis

Today's Map Monday sees the return of a veteran of this series: Lynn Davis. She posted a new map on her blog that caught my eye. It is titled: "Where Hearts Were Entertaining June: Europe 1800". Let's cut to the chase and reveal the map:
 This is actually a sequel another of Lynn's maps, which was set in 1735, and takes place in her "Where Hearts Were Entertaining June: An English Brazil", which I covered on Timeline Thursday. In this timeline the English Armada is more successful and England is able to get its hands on Brazil, forever changing history. Today's map reflects the current state of affairs in Europe after republicans have come to power in Britain, Spain, Poland and elsewhere, while the remaining monarchists lick their wounds. Its a solid timeline and I recommend you check it out, but now its time to do the thing I always struggle with: commenting on art.

I have always been a huge fan of Lynn's maps. You can tell how she puts hours of work into it by just looking at all the details in the map. I especially enjoyed the use of white spaces surrounded by a colored outlines. Admittedly I do tend to praise Munroist and minimalist maps a lot, but even I enjoy a map that has a lot of effort put into it. Plus it certainly is an improvement from the map that it is a sequel of.

Honorable mention this week goes to "German Empire in 2015" by Samwell and if you want to see more alternate history maps check out the Maps and Flags Facebook group (which is also on Twitter and DeviantArt).

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  1. One of the most enjoyable parts of making the map was definitely seeing how I had improved. The prequel to that map was the first one I made entirely in Inkscape, while this one comes well over a year later, when I've made many more maps since. It's a lot of fun, for me anyway, to compare them side-by-side.


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