Monday, May 11, 2015

Map Monday: Dutch's America by Bruce Munro

Last week introduced me to one of the most bizarre, yet still ingenious, scenarios ever crafted by an alternate historian. The year is 1950 and this is the world that Dutch made:
This scenario, originally written by Bob Mumby and turned into a map by Bruce Munro, is actually based off the video game Red Dead Redemption and presents an alternate history of that game's story that seems to center on the game's protagonist, John Marston, making some very different decisions. In this timeline the main bad guy from the game, Dutch van der Linde, led a "anarchist/anti-urban western revolt" that broke the United States and saw much of the west and south become part of the "American Popular Union". This Smith-esque North American Confederacy, however, soon turns into a military dictatorship that uses its ideology to enrich its leaders and punish those who oppose it. Meanwhile the rest of the world becomes divided into various blocs each defined by a different ideology.

Its maps and scenarios like these that really highlight the creativity found among alternate historians. If I had one major complaint, however, its the excessive annotations on the map. I realize that is part of Bruce's style, but even I though it was rather much. Nevertheless, still a really good map that shows no fictional world can't be diverged into something even more fantastical then it already was.

Also if this post looks different to you from when it was first posted, its because it is. I learned on Tuesday that it was actually Bob who came up with the original scenario and I would like to take this time to apologize for not noticing and remarking on his contribution earlier.

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  1. I just want to point out that Bruce was covering a scenario I had written, and while I really love his map and cannot be more happy for him that he's got another Map Monday under his belt, I am slightly irked that I haven't been credited on this article. Its not his fault, he was very careful to note my part in writing the original scenario.

    1. I am so sorry Mumby. I had no idea this was based on your scenario. To be completely honest, I didn't see any notes in the posts from Bruce that this was based on your work, but to be even more honest I did notice he mentioned your name in the actual file name of the map. I should have done a little more digging and I did not. I apologize for my mistake and I will correct the post to give you credit for the original scenario immediately.


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