Monday, July 21, 2014

We're Moving!

As I warned you all earlier this month, my wife and I are moving to our new home at the end of this week. Due to all the work that still needs to get done before the move, I will be posting sporadically or not at all. This has also caused me to put Voices from Alternia on hiatus until the dust finally settles.

Please have patience as I plan to return next month with a bunch of new articles, interviews, reviews and other alternate history goodies. If you have submitted a guest post it may be some time before it is published, but I will work with you to the best of my ability so that the wait is not unreasonably long.

In the meantime, our calendar has been updated and you may want to check out Map Monday: American Quilt by Jordan Penny, which was the most viewed article last week. I have an interview with the creator scheduled and I hope to finish that soon.

* * *

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