Friday, April 19, 2013

Preview: Snodgrass and Other Illusions by Ian MacLeod

If you guys liked Ian MacLeod's Sidewise Award winning Wake Up and Dreamyou might be interested in his new title: Snodgrass and Other Illusions.

Ian MacLeod’s short story "Snodgrass" is a retelling of the life of John Lennon, is now available in a new anthology coming out next Tuesday. Here is the description from Amazon:
After spending his adolescence like so many others had, playing in a band with friends, John Lennon knows it’s time to grow up. Skipping out on the Beatles before they would go on to become one of the greatest rock groups of the twentieth century, John moves to Birmingham. As he watches the exploits of friends Paul, Ringo, and George, John grows older and lives an ordinary life . . . and he is left wondering “what if?”

With “Snodgrass” as its anchor, this collection of eleven stories also includes “The Chop Girl,” inspired by the infamous Dresden bombing raids; “Past Magic,” a futuristic account of parents cloning their children who have passed away; “New Light on the Drake Equation,” inspired by a man’s journey as he searches for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence; and seven more tales that showcase MacLeod’s breadth as a writer.
"Snodgrass" has also been adapted for the small screen and will air on SkyTV in the UK April 25th. The show focuses on the story of a John Lennon who quit the Beatles and ends up living on government assistance. When the band play a gig down the street, suddenly there is a chance to make things right. Hopefully we will get a chance to see the show in the States because there are so few good shows for alternate historians but the Brits are at least heading in the right direction.

Nina Lassam from Open Road Media was kind enough to send me a review copy so stay tuned for the review, although I am not positive whether I will post it here or at Amazing Stories.

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