Friday, August 17, 2012

Trailers Galore!

While there are no major alternate history television shows or films on the radar, here are a few trailers that will either excite your speculation machine or make you vomit profusely in disgust.

First up is the upcoming NBC action/drama Revolution.
I want to again state that the film is not a rip off of Stirling's Emberverse (for one thing everyone looks like they take daily baths and wear designer clothing) even if you still see people making that accusation. The more important question to ask ourselves is whether this show will be worth watching?

Geek Syndicate said: "getting harder to be enthusiastic when I hear about another [post apocalyptic show] coming to our screens, even if it is being helmed by JJ Abrams." Ouch. Kevin Melrose at Spinoff Online was a little more optimistic, but still cautious: "It’s certainly ambitious, even for Abrams and Kripke, and destined to be either a solid Monday-night performer — though probably never a certifiable hit — or a glorious disaster. And after watching the new extended trailer below, I’m leaning more toward the former than the latter."

I will probably end up watching Revolution, so stay tuned for my review of the premier episode next month. In the meantime, here is something lovers of the Victorian era can enjoy: Ripper Street.
It is just a teaser trailer, but I am already excited for a police procedural set after Jack the Ripper's rampage. Brendon Connelly at Bleeding Cool said "the early days of detection are indeed fascinating and remain ripe for dramatic exploration." Let us hope so.

Well I went from pessimistic, to optimistic and now to outright disgust. I finish this post with the trailer to the Red Dawn remake.
I do not understand Hollywood's obsession with remaking good movies. You know what? I am not even going to add anymore commentary for this trailer. Instead I highly recommend you read my good friend Sebastian Breit's commentary on the trailer. He sums up most of my issues with this movie (although he is a lot nicer about it).

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  1. Ripper Street actually looks decent, interesting even. There's been a lot of quality coming from the UK lately.

    As for Revolution... I just don't know. It looks like the Apocalypse featured by designer outlets and cosmetics corporations. I'll give it a try. Worst thing that could happen is that I get material to rip to shreds in a review. That being said, I do remember it was said they screened the pilot episode at Comic Con. Now, I haven't found any... sources for that one, which is strange enough.

    1. I am not really excited for "Revolution". While I don't think it is a rip-off of Emberverse, I think Stirling did a reasonable job researching the effects of his POD, even if it was ASB. Based on the trailer and other sources I am not sure I can say the same thing about this show.


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