Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Preview: "The Houdini Specter" by Daniel Stashower

"This is charming...it might have amused Conan Doyle." 
- The New York Times

"In his first mystery, Stashower paired Harry Houdini and Sherlock Holmes to marvelous effect." - Chicago Tribune

"Stashower's clever adaptation of the Conan Doyle conventions - Holme's uncanny powers of observation and of disguise, the scenes and customs of Victorian life - makes it fun to read."
-Publishers Weekly

The third thrilling adventure for the legendary magician from award-winning author Daniel Stashower! IN THE HARRY HOUDINI MYSTERIES: THE HOUDINI SPECTER (Titan Books, June 2012) the Great Harry Houdini is still struggling to make a name for himself in turn-of-the-century New York. He sees an opportunity for glory in exposing the tricks of the medium Lucius Craig - if only he can work out how the medium managed to conjure a "spirit" while tied to a chair by Houdini himself or how the apparition was able to stab an audience member to death and then disappear!

Daniel Stashower www.stashower.com is a novelist and magician. A two-time Edgar Award-winning author of Teller of Tales: The Life of Arthur Conan Doyle and (co-author) Arthur Conan Doyle: A Life of Letters. His works also include Elephants in the Distance, The Beautiful Cigar Girl, the Sherlock Holmes novel, The Ectoplasmic Man and (as co-author) the Sherlock Holmes anthology, The Ghosts of Baker Street. He resides in Bethesda, MD.

The good people at Titan Books were kind enough to give me a review copy of The Houdini Specter and I should be posting a review next week.  Stay tuned.

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