Thursday, May 10, 2012

Alternate History and the Historical Novel Society

On Monday I reported that the Historical Novel Society (HNS) was running a competition for their Historical Novel Society International Award.  I mentioned that they were looking for novels between 60k and 150k words and the deadline for submissions was September 30th.  I made a mistake, however, in reporting that the HNS only accepts historical fiction.

Thankfully Richard Lee, founder and publisher of the HNS, corrected me of this misconception.  The HNS actually does consider alternate history as part of the historical fiction genre.  In fact, he informed me that the master of alternate history himself, Harry Turtledove, was a guest of honor at one of their conferences.

So as an apology to Lee and the rest of the HNS for my embarrassing lack of research, I humbly request that you spend some time perusing the HNS website and its features.  You can check out their reviews on alternate history or browse their members where you may find people like Christopher M. Cevasco, author and former editor of Paradox: The Magazine of Historical and Speculative Fiction.  You can also keep up to date on what is happening at the HNS by following them on Twitter, liking them on Facebook or subscribing to their YouTube channel.

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Mitro is founder, editor and contributor of Alternate History Weekly Update. When he is not busy writing about his passion for alternate history, he spends his time working as a licensed attorney in the state of Illinois and dreams of being a published author himself one day.

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  1. A pity. "Wolf Hunt" is too long by 25,000 words. But it sounds interesting. I wish all applicants the best of luck.


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