Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Write for Weekly Update!

I had every intention of making Alternate History Weekly Update a community project.  At first I sought out good writers who I though my readers will enjoy.  Then I tried to use my Want to Contribute? page to reel in some interesting writers, yet that has not been very successful.  Now I realized that the reason it may not be successful is because people might not know what to write about.  So here are a few ideas:

Book Reviewer: Alternate history is primarily a literary genre, but I cannot possibly read all of those books on my own.  Please share your thoughts on all of these wonderful books.  You may even get some free review copies in the process.

Films, Television and Video/Computer Game Reviewer: There are a lot of other media that uses an alternate history storyline.  Weekly Update could use your help in reviewing works from these media, especially video games.

Showcaser: There are a lot of online work of alternate history...mostly bad.  The job of the showcaser is to find those few nuggets of good alternate history and share it with the world.

AH Directory Admin: Some of you may have seen the AH Directory.  The problem is I need someone to better manage it, keeping it updated with new site and removing dead links.  Meanwhile you can post about changes to the Directory to remind people of the ever changing world of online alternate history.

Misc.: Do not hold yourself back.  Wayne Gretzky once said you always miss the shot you never take.  If you have an idea that you think will work for Weekly Update, whether it is an essay or an original work of alternate history, then share it with us.  You never know what it will lead too.

If any of the above positions fit you then contact me at to apply to be a writer.


  1. Since I already have two websites to handle, I can't really jump into a position here, but if I review a piece of AH fiction on my site, I've got no problems with it being crossposted here.

  2. That would be great buddy and I would return the favor as well.

  3. I may have a few buddies that would be happy to contribute. Plus, I'm always game for writing more articles.


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