Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sideways in Time Paper Update 10/30/14

Europe in 1925. From Królestwo Kongresowe.
Since my last Sideways in Time Paper update, I found a lot of new research leads. Let's take a look:
  • Did you get a chance to read my interview with Sidewise judge and Uchronia contributor Evelyn Leeper? I hope you all enjoyed it because it may be a while before my next interview. I had to postpone my interview with Sidewise judge and Point of Divergence founder Jim Rittenhouse, but I am following up leads with other notable alternate historians in the meantime.
  • I have been perusing the The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction for any useful information information. They do have an article on Hitler Wins scenarios, but not much on our slice of fandom. I will keep looking.
  • Does anyone speak Italian? Uchronia links to several articles in the Italian language magazine Delos on alternate history. Google Translate, however, is not the best translation software. If anyone may be interested in reading and describing these articles to me that would be great.
  • I think I need to comb my own blog's archives for this paper. After I rediscovered the Did Steampunk Kill Alternate History? article, which was useful in helping to explain alternate historians' relationship with the steampunk culture, I got to thinking I may be sitting on a gold mine of information. Going to take a lot of time to sift through over three years of content...
  • Can anyone score me a copy of What Almost Was: The Politics of the Contemporary Alternate History Novel by Matthew Schneider-Mayerson. Based on the abstract, this article seems the closest to what I am trying to write that I have ever stumbled upon and I would really like to read it. Sadly, I am not a student anymore and thus I am not part of any institution with access to Project MUSE.
  • During one of my random searches through the Wiki, I came upon this list of timelines including many from different eras of the larger community's history, such as the SHWI era. I even found this interesting Polish-language collaborative timeline, which is great because you don't many of these outside the English language. 
I am still looking for anyone who can provide me with more information on the Geocities era, the Tarrantry Saga and any other gathering or work of alternate historians you think I should include in the paper. If you can help me or know someone who can, please email me at ahwupdate at gmail dot com. Any new avenues of research will be greatly appreciated.

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