Monday, September 26, 2016

Map Monday: United States of Europe by Zek Sora

Zek Sora returns to Map Monday, this time with a map without zombies (shocking, I know). I present the "United States of Europe":
In this timeline, Napoleon decides to preserve the preserve the Continental System rather than conquer anymore of Europe. Although Zek does not go into too much detail in the description that went with the map, my guess is that Napoleon never invaded Russia in this alternate history. Eventually the Continental System evolves into a more centralized European Union-esque organization known as the "United States of Europe".

To be fair, this is perhaps one of the more plausibly optimistic timelines involving a victorious Napoleon. Direct French control of most of Europe probably wouldn't have lasted long, but uniting them under a confederation where France was essentially the leader among equals could have worked. While I am curious to know how the USE governs its colonial possessions (since they apparently do have some according to the map), I still found this 1868 hybrid political/election map to be a good way of presenting the alternate history. I also like the color pallet Zek uses, which is similar to some of his other maps.

Honorable mentions this week go out to "World War 2.5" by RvBOMally and "Union of Islamic Republics" by Doctor President.

* * *

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