Friday, February 22, 2013

March of the Eagles is Ready for War!

Last Tuesday, Paradox Development Studio and Paradox Interactive released their latest strategy/wargame March of the Eagles. The game is now available from major digital distributors for $19.99.

In March of Eagles you take control of one of the great powers of Europe and push for land and naval dominance at the height of the Napoleonic Wars. According to Paradox, March of the Eagles is friendly to wargame newcomers, while still having the streamlined diplomacy perfect for cutthroat scheming for both newcomers and veterans alike. Players fight and negotiate over a historical topographic map in full 3D with a complete view of Europe. The game also features a multiplayer allowing for 32 players to play at once.

Check out the launch trailer below:
If you are still not sure about March of Eagles, don't fret. A demo for March of the Eagles, Paradox’s newest wargame, is now available on Steam for those of you that want to give an army a test drive before taking up the reins of power.

The demo limits you to playing Prussia, the great central European power sandwiched between the might of France and the inexhaustible hordes of Russia. All single player capabilities as well as the tutorial and the hints system are included in this demo. There are no multiplayer capabilities, and saved games have been disabled.

If you want to learn more about how the game was made, you can read all the March of the Eagles developer diaries Paradox has made available.

Will history play out as before or will take humanity down a different path? If you do play the game, let us at The Update know. Submit your review to ahwupdate at gmail dot com and your thoughts will be shared with all of our readers.

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