Friday, August 19, 2016

Flag Friday: Fascist Flag of Spain by gruff.jones

I don't know why, but I always learn the most while writing Flag Fridays. Before I go any further, here is today's featured flag:
This is "Fascist Flag of Spain" by gruff.jones. It is one of two variants he created, but I personally liked this one the best. It uses arrows that gruff.jones describes as: the symbol of the shield of the monarchy of Ferdinand and Isabella and subsequent Catholic monarchs, representing a united Spain and the "symbol of the heroic virtues of the race."

Of course, some of you may be wondering: wasn't Spain fascist already? Well there appears to be some ambiguity about that if Wikipedia can be believed. Francoist Spain was certainly authoritarian and right-wing, but it seems the fascists were never a dominant force in the government. Native Spanish fascism, known as Falangism, actually did use the arrow symbolism, which makes me think that in the timeline where this flag comes from, Spain is unambiguously fascist. They may even be a minor member of the Axis powers if World War II happens on schedule.

How do you think history would have played out if Spain sided with the Nazis in WWII?

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  1. The falangista symbol did not carry a tape over the arrows, but a yoke. In fact it is a renacentist symbol: yoke in Spanis is said «yugo», arrow is «flecha». The arrow and the yoke made YF, Ysabel and Fernando the «Catholic kings» whose marriage created Spain as an unified kingdom.

    The red and white strips has no meaning. They would probably choose the red and yellow flag for Spain as Franco did, their own flag by the way was black and red


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