Monday, December 14, 2015

Map Monday: Europe, If Britain Had Won WW2 by Facthole

Have you ever wondered what Europe would look like if the evil British Empire had won World War II? Well the site Facthole has got you covered:
This is "Europe, If Britain Had Won WW2" and before you run to the comment section to denounce this map for its implausibility, relax, its a joke. The website Facthole seems to be a satirical news site of the Onion variety. Although I can't confirm it, I would guess this map was created in response to all the buzz about Amazon's The Man in the High Castle, which is ironic since the original novel did have its own alternate history where Britain defeated Germany and became a superpower locked in a Cold War with the US. I really can't comment too much on the scenario because the description is rather short, but you get the idea that this Cold War features the Imperial West led by Britain and the Communist East led by the Soviet Union. Not sure what ideology the "Allied Nations" subscribe to.

To be honest I don't even know the name of the of the alternate cartographer, but my guess is it would have to be "Eddie Con Carne", the editor-in-chief of Facthole. To be fair to Eddie, or whoever the creator, its actually a rather well-done map. The colors are subtle and its hard to criticize the border choices or the names of the nations because the map is not meant to be taken that seriously. In fact I have seen a lot worse alternate history maps that were posted unironically, so I'm not bothered by the "British Holy Roman Empire". Although I don't understand why the names of Portugal and Turkey had to be cut off like that, it is still an amusing map that had some skill behind it.

Honorable mention this week goes out to "Peru-Bolivia Confederation: Return of the Relentless Mountains" by Zalezsky.

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  1. I'm sure Europe will do better than under the USSR


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