Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekly Update #237! We Happy Few Coming to Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview July 26 (and more)

Editor's Note

Well we are now officially into the 6th year of the Alternate History Weekly Update. As I write this it is a beautiful Saturday morning in the south suburbs of Chicago. I am lounging in my pajamas, drinking coffee, listening to some Billy Joel (more on that later) and just enjoying time off from a rough week at work. I got the laundry going and I am hoping to get enough blogging done before Alana and I go grocery shopping later this afternoon. Nothing crazy, but once in a while you need an easy day.

And now the news...

We Happy Few Coming to Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview July 26
If you want to be disturbed, I recommend watching the below video:

This is the gameplay trailer for the upcoming We Happy Few. From what I have been able to gather, We Happy Few is set on a fictional island town of Wellington Wells in 1964. In this timeline the Nazis (somehow) invaded Britain in World War II, but they were defeated after the townspeople did a "Very Bad Thing". It was so bad that the people now take a drug called "Joy" to suppress unhappy memories. The main character, Arthur Hastings, stops taking the drug and is forced to flee after his colleagues declare him a "Downer". Through his eyes we see just how terrible the world has become and, presumably, find out what the very bad thing was.

The opening moments of the game are very surreal and disturbing, especially with all of the painted faces. I am also getting a strong 1984 vibe. Maybe this game will actually be worth checking out. If you want more info, go check out the press release.

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