Thursday, September 3, 2015

Top 5 Posts from August 2015

Do you see that map right there? The map you see before you has introduced more people to alternate history and Amazing Stories than I can ever hope to reach in a lifetime. No wonder it's Map Monday post was the most viewed post from last month. (Spoiler alert, I guess.)

With that said, let's look at our top five posts from August 2015:

1) Map Monday: A map where Europe never discovered America by liminalsoup by Matt Mitrovich.

2) Weekly Update #200: Special Announcement Incoming by Matt Mitrovich.

3) 7 What Ifs About An Earlier WWI by Matt Mitrovich.

4) Map Monday: The Baltic Region by False Dmitri/Ben Carnehl by Matt Mitrovich.

5) What If Wednesday: The Last English King of England by Matt Mitrovich.

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