Friday, April 4, 2014

Flag Friday: The Genesee Legion

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The Third Legion of Irokois Province stationed near the city of Genesee
Formed in 1923 AUC this legion was established to help the Romans expand westward across the continent. In the early 2000s they served in a number of pacification wars attempting to bring Roman civilization to the other tribes. This legion continued to serve both Empires and Republics loyally and with distinction for over 800 years.

2040s AUC: They were the primary legion in the campaigns to conquer the Navajo. The campaign for conquest took only a few short years but the occupation until a stable provincial government was created lasted over an additional decade.

2200s AUC: Nearly a century is spent fighting rebel factions in Nova Hispania. The Genesee Legion was stationed along the massive Nabia river in the jungles of that continent. They had a good string of victories in their operations but the war lasted over a decade and countless victories on the battlefield could not give the Romans a final strategic victory in the war. In the end the rebels won independence from Rome and the Legions returns home.

2640s AUC: The first tanks are used by the legion. These early armored vehicles were slow and required much maintenance but were quickly perfected over the next few decades.

2701 AUC: The first unmanned drones are used for recon by the legion. Twelve years later the first armed drones are deployed.

2766 AUC: During the nuclear war with China the hundred megaton bomb dropped on Genesee malfunctioned and failed to detonate. The Genesee Legion survived the war.

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