Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Orleans by Gaslight: The First Anthology of Steampunk Fiction and Poetry Set in The Big Easy

The first-ever anthology of fiction and poetry set in the city of gas lamps, gumbo, and steamboats, all with a steampunk twist, is now available. Here is the description from Amazon:
In a New Orleans that Never Was and Never Will Be, there are a thousand stories to tell. There are stories of sorrow and triumph, of passion and fury, of love and of revenge. Aloft with cloud and sun, great warrior airships drift silently over the city below, crewed by eager young men and women awaiting the moment they will be called upon to strike against foes with cannon and with sword. Steamboats float down the river bringing travellers from far climes and distant lands unknown to our more mundane world. Lovers ride down the boulevards upon clockwork carriages drawn by mechanical horses. Cheated gamblers decide between making a break for the door or breaking the quiet calm with the staccato beat of revolver gunfire. Ragtime music echoes as fallen women ply the world's oldest trade in the streets of Storyville. Soldiers lead clanking platoons of clockwork automatons through the port on their way to their next deployment and archaeologists, explorers and adventurers set forth aboard airships to find new lands, fortune and glory or perhaps death in the forlorn forsaken corners of the globe. These are the stories of New Orleans By Gaslight.
New Orleans by Gaslight is edited by Brandon Black, a science fiction and fantasy author living in New Orleans, Louisiana and is published by Black Tome Books, a New Orleans based independent publisher focusing on speculative fiction with Southern flavor. Authors on the anthology include Jackson Kuhl (who was kind enough to send this press release), Shawn Aveningo, Gary Bourgeois, C.M. Beckett, Rob Cerio, Dionne Cherie, David Ducorbier, Philip Karash, Jay Wilburn and Matthew Wilson.

Featured stories include…
  • Paranormal investigators Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla strive to uncover the truth of a haunting at the Old Opera House;
  • Science leads an engineer toward accomplishments never before thought possible — and yet human hubris remains the same as it ever was;
  • A Confederate slaveholder, caring little for the city's neutrality, hunts his escaped possession through the fogbound streets and alleys;
  • Hurricane Katrina is reimagined in Victorian times;
  • A yeoman aboard an airship learns the terrible price paid for his captain's victories.
These are the stories of a New Orleans that Never Was and Never Will Be. These are the stories of New Orleans by Gaslight. Learn more about the anthology at its website and Facebook page.

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