Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wolf Hunt by Sebastian Breit Free Until August 8th

Friend of the blog Sebastian Breit announced on his personal blog that his debut novel Wolf Hunt is available for free on Kindle until August 8. I would get your copy soon, but if you need some encouragement, check out the description from Amazon:

2024. The world we know is crumbling. A devastating war in the Persian Gulf has left the global economy in ruins, and civilization itself is beginning to crack under the strain.

When a war-weary task force of NATO ships races against time and a rival fleet to prevent Brazil's descent into a murderous civil war, their mission is unexpectedly upset by a mysterious tempest. Thrown back in time, Captains Steven Flynn and Florian Hallwinter with their crews emerge in the year 1940 as the world is gripped in the fires of World War Two.

Presented with the opportunity to change both past and future for the better, they find themselves drawn into a maelstrom of conflicting interests. While overcoming the suspicion of their natural allies of the time proves harder than they imagined, they soon discover that even the best intentions carry the seeds of doom. For whereas Flynn is American, Hallwinter and his crew are from Germany...

If you do read the novel, don't forget to send your critiques, comments or inputs to tba.wolfhunt [@] googlemail.com or check out Seb's Facebook page.

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