Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Releases 5/8/2012

New Books (e-books)

The Day by Walt Munza

Description from Amazon.

This is a science fiction novel set in the future where the earth is polluted to point of not being able to support life. This is a world where man has to struggle, just to stay alive. The wars that began in the Middle East have been over for decades, but the ones in South America were just beginning. This is about a squad of soldiers from the 75th Ranger Regiment led by 1st Lieutenant Ryan Jackson, a black man from Mississippi, and a black female Staff Sergeant named Andrea Lee Davis from Los Angles, California. She was a trained sniper out of Fort Benning, Georgia and she was also a Muslim. She often wore a black vale to help hide her face while looking through the scope of her sniper rifle. She was a loner, but proud of her accomplishments. She was looking forward to making a career in the Army.

The squad had just returned from South America and being re-supplied with new recruits at Fort Hood, Texas. They made a short trip to Fort Rucker, Alabama, were they picked up some additional supplies to begin a training mission in northeast Alabama, when it happen. The squad found itself thrown back in time and was about to fight in one of the bloodiest battles in the American Civil War. Ryan, being a black man from the south, was torn apart having to serve with the North while killing his fellow Southerns. This was his chance to make it right and he damn sure wasn’t going to give up the opportunity. Andrea was also afraid of what was about to happen to her. After all, there weren’t that many black females in the US Army back in 1862. But that was nothing compared to the orders that were given to her by Ryan. What she was about to do was going to change the course of world history as we know it, but for the better, or worst? All she knew was, Ryan gave her an order and she was going to carry it out, no matter what happen in the end.

New Short Stories (e-books)

The End by J. L. Avey

Description from Barnes & Noble.

At the end of the universe, the last sentient being struggles to survive on a dead world orbiting the last star. His only goal is to outlast the dying red dwarf and witness the end of everything.

[Editor's Note: This is more future history then alternate history, but the author is an active member of AH.com under the handle "The Kiat".  He has been kind enough to send me a review copy, which I hope to review in the near future.]

To fans, authors and publishers...

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