Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Airship Update #6

Did you think I was really not going to post anything this week?  Well I lied both to you and myself.  So enjoy this new Airship Update:

The steam airship from the 2012 post-apocalyptic/steampunk MMORPG "Era Zero".

The R101 which crashed in 1930 in northern France, killing a Major Johnston and 47 others.  Johnston's medals were recently auctioned off.

An airship emerges from the reddish clouds of dawn, concept art by William Smith.

Links in the Air

Avionics displays and processing units for Zeppelin NT airships to be provided by Barco by John Keller at Military and Aerospace Electronics.

Congress: Time for a Defense Department Airship Czar by Bob Brewin at Nextgov. (Editor's Note: "Airship Czar" sounds like the coolest title anyone in the government could ever have.)

Navy Lakehurst blimp veterans recall Cold War submarine hunts by Kirk Moore at Asbury Park Press.

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