Thursday, August 18, 2011

Breaking News: "Titan: An Alternate History" to be released on August 19

Remember when I talked about a new alternate history comic book company?  Well the fine gentlemen at Alternate History Comics Inc. were kind enough to provide me with some important details about their new graphic novel: Titan: An Alternate History.

Titan  was written by Toronto author and screenwriter Michael Tymcyzyszyn and art by Toronto artist Andy Stanleigh, who gave each time period its own unique style.  The plot of Titan is as follows:
Professor Peter Tytan wasn't even a blip in history. He taught archeology to largely unengaged students, and lived a largely unassuming life. That life changed when a brutal mugging left him broken, bloodied and hallucinating. Did the lives he saw really happen? Could a tribe of nomads have been gathered together from the Steppes of ancient Russia and marched to war across Asia? Could a single slave have changed the outcome of The Crusades? Who really profited from the Industrial Revolution, and was his death just the beginning of an empire that will eventually control the world?

Join Alternate History Comics as we explore a world similar and yet very different from our own. Where the history one teaches is also the reality he inhabits. With every hallucination Peter sees, his world spins further and further away from the one we recognize. But the most astounding changes are the ones that overcome him, transform him, and make him a Titan among men.
Titan  will be available to purchase beginning this Friday at a retail price of $19.99CDN at the book's website or at Amazon.caTitan will also be distributed to comic book stores and Chapters/Indigo locations throughout Canada and the United States.

If you would life to meet the guys behind Titan, Alternate History Comics Inc. will be occupying a premium booth at this year's Fan Expo Canada, August 25-28 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Canada.

I for one am looking forward to reading Titan and will hopefully have a review of the graphic novel in the coming week or so.

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