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AHWU #13

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So apparently author John Birmingham reads the blog (see the comments). I am not afraid to admit that I did nerd out when I first read the comment. After gushing to my friends (most who did not know who the hell I was talking about) I responded with a calmly written response to his comment. Of course I probably ruined Birmingham's opinion of me with this entry...crap.

Meanwhile, people from Argentina, Switzerland, South Korea, Portugal, Romania and Brazil now reads my blog. Check out this updated audience map:

Now I know I promised to publish my theory on why Back to the Future only makes sense if you use the multiverse theory, however I decided to publish that on Wednesday as an individual post. I originally planned to publish it as a part of AHWU, but due to its length (which continues to grow) I decided to split it off as a lone post. So look for that later this week...but now I bring you the news.

SF Gateway: A New Digital Library

Do you want to expand your alternate history library, but just do not have the cash? Well you are in luck because Gollancz will be launching a new digital science fiction and fantasy library called SF Gateway, which will make thousands of out-of-print science fiction classics available as e-books. It launches this fall, and will be integrated with the online launch of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

The goal is to have 5,000 free novels in their library by 2014. Now the exact titles which will be on the site is unknown, but some recognizable alternate history authors include Poul Anderson, L. Sprague de Camp, Philip K. Dick, Harry Harrison, Murray Leinster, Ward Moore and the master of alternate history himself, Harry Turtledove. You can see a complete list of the authors here.

I personally am looking forward to this, especially since I got a Kindle for my birthday. If you would like to find out more information you can follow the news from Twitter and/or Facebook.

An Alternate History Comic Publisher?

It is not unusual for comics to tackle the alternate history genre, but they usually tend to be one-shot deals or short series. DC did have there Elseworlds imprint and Marvel had What If, but the works produced under those titles tended to focus divergences in the continuity of the main universe and not our history. Essentially what I am trying to say is that there is no organization out there dedicated to producing only alternate history content in the comics medium.

Until now, apparently. I present to you Alternate History Comics Inc. and its publication Titan: An Alternate History. Here is the plot summary of Titan:

Professor Peter Tytan wasn't even a blip in history. He taught archeology to largely unengaged students, and lived a largely unassuming life. That life changed when a brutal mugging left him broken, bloodied and hallucinating. Did the lives he saw really happen? Could a tribe of nomads have been gathered together from the Steppes of ancient Russia and marched to war across Asia? Could a single slave have changed the outcome of The Crusades? Who really profited from the Industrial Revolution, and was his death just the beginning of an empire that will eventually control the world?

Is it any good? Well the response on Facebook was rather good, which is all I can say since I have not read the book myself. You can order the graphic novel yourself here.

I will let you know if ever pick up Titan, but for now I wish Alternate History Comics Inc. the best of luck in reaching out to alternate history community.

New Releases: Red Wheels Turning

You guys remember Hugh Ashton right? Well his new book Red Wheels Turning on Smashwords and Amazon. Set in the same universe as Beneath the Gray Skies, it is a prequel to that novel. The story follows British Secret Service agent Brian Finch-Malloy in Tsarist Russia, as he works to prevent the Russian secret war-winning weapons from falling into the hands of the Bolshevik henchman, Kolinski, who makes his way across Europe, leaving a trail of blood and corpses behind him.

Hugh was kind enough to send me an advanced copy of his new novel, and while I have yet to finish it, I am impressed by what I have read so far and recommend that you go check it out.

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