Monday, January 4, 2016

Map Monday: The Republic of Massachusetts Bay by Ben "False Dmitri" Carnehl

I've always been a sucker for balkanized North America timelines involving alternate colonial histories where the British are not the dominant culture. I know its not very plausible when you factor  in the demographics that made Anglo domination possible, but call it a guilty pleasure if that works for you. With all that said, when I was on my winter blogging break, one map out of the dozen or more I saw entertained me the most:
That is the map of The Republic of Massachusetts Bay by Ben "False Dmitri" Carnehl from his "Affiliated States of Boreoamerica" timeline. I have covered this timeline many time before on Map Monday, mostly because not only is Ben a good alternate cartographer, but the timeline is full of opportunities to create unique nations and cultures in a North America that never was. In this case, Massachusetts Bay was founded by religious exiles who turned their tiny nation into a mercantile and industrial powerhouse that became a center of radicalism and helped establish one of the institutions that led to the ASB.

The map itself focuses on the internal subdivisions of the Republic and uses softer colors, which I enjoy, for said subdivisions and the nation's neighbors. I also liked the inclusion of the "Praying Towns", which are Massachusetts Bay's version of Indian Reservations and fits the multi-cultural narrative of ASB. In conclusion, its another example of the creativity that comes out of the ASB universe.

Honorable mentions go out to "The Philippine Rainbow" by Lynn "ToixStory" Davis (I have to admit a balkanized Philippines is a unique idea) and "Map of the Arizona S.A.R." by Sjdubya.

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