Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekly Update #212! The Man in the High Castle premier and Australi.

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And now the news...

The Man in the High Castle is here!

Well all ten episodes of Amazon's The Man in the High Castle are out and if you are interested in following my video review series on each episode, you can watch the first episode below:
Now on the off chance you want someone else's opinion on the show besides yours truly, you could always read one of the few negative reviews I came upon over at Inverse. Of course, if you already like the show and just want to learn more about, you can go here to find out how difficult it was to get The Man in the High Castle to the small screen in the first place or learn from Alexa Davos (who plays Juliana in the show) why you may end up sympathizing with Nazis after watching High Castle.

I would say that would be new, if Turtledove hadn't already done it with In the Presence of Mine Enemies. Of course, I prefer the original short story and if you can find a copy, read that version first. Anywho, I am looking forward to watching and reviewing the remaining episodes with my special guest host so stay tuned for more video reviews from me.

What is Australi by Timothy Wood and Thomas Wanke?

A new graphic novel caught my eye last week. It is called Australi and it was conceived by filmmakers Timothy Wood and Thomas Wanke. Here is the description of Australi from their successful Kickstarter page:

We follow the story of Maloo, a young Aboriginal boy searching for his people and a place to call home.

Set twenty years after the European, Chinese and Middle Eastern empires first set foot on Australi's shores, Maloo must navigate a new world, full of unique and dangerous trials. 

Maloo unwillingly becomes the hope of his people when an old prophecy is handed down. Now with not only the British empire after him, but also pirates, poachers and mercenaries, Maloo must find his inner spirit to fulfil the heavy burden placed upon him. 

As the land becomes scarred by foreign war machines and the great animal spirits are captured as poachers prizes, Australi grows sick and its magical beauty fades. Ancient magic brews on all sides of the battle, with one boy and his odd band of destined heroes all that's left to save it.

A fantasy Australia divided by European and Asian empires? Sounds fun and if you would like to learn more, you can read this interview with Tim Wood over at The Mary Sue.

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