Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Out On Break (But Planning My Triumphant Return)

Just in case the wildings attack while I am in the North.
Well this Friday I leave for Britain to go to the Sideways in Time Conference in Liverpool. I'll be able to look around London for a day, then its a train ride north on Sunday for the pre-conference social event at Waterstones Liverpool One before the conference officially begins on Monday. I, however, am not giving my presentation until Tuesday.

From now until April 5th, I will not be doing any blogging here or at Amazing Stories (although you can still check out the awesome interview I did with the master himself, Harry Turtledove). So that means no Weekly Update, Map Monday, New Releases, guest posts or other articles, reviews or interviews for the foreseeable future.

Don't you fret. I will be back on the 6th with an extra long Weekly Update to celebrate my return to blogging. I am also returning to my weekly Amazing Stories schedule with a run down of what happened at the conference and I have an interview lined up with one of my favorite map makers, Lynn Davis. If anyone has any guest posts they would like to submit for that week, please let me know at ahwupdate at gmail dot com. If you need an example of what I am looking for in a guest post, go check out Mark from Atomic Skies's excellent Alternate Nuclear Wars article.

For those interested in reading my paper, "Warping History: An Overview of Fans and Creators of Alternate History in the Internet Age", there was talk of the conference papers being published in an anthology, but if that falls through I will probably publish it myself either on Amazon or here on the blog. I may even record my presentation, either the one at the conference or an edited one I will do later, and post it on my channel.

Speaking of the channel, my trailer currently has 500+ views. I hope to throw myself into making new content for it once I return and as I mentioned before my script on Deseret is finished, so all I need to do is record. After that I will probably have a video review to post on The Years of Rice and Salt.

To be completely honest: holy crap, you guys are freaking awesome! This last month has been wild with all of these opportunities I have had and it is all because of you. Thank you so much for following Alternate History Weekly Update and I really think you guys are going to enjoy what is coming up in the months to come.

* * *

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