Monday, April 28, 2014

Map Monday: Tindale's Standard Map of The Russian Republic by Lord Roem

I have always enjoyed a good timeline where Russia doesn't fall to communism at the end of World War I (which is why I am looking forward to posting my article on alternate Russian Revolutions soon). So I was excited when I ran across this gem on
It is from a timeline called "The Limpid Stream" by Lord Roem and from what I can gleam from my brief look at the story, it features a Soviet-free world, but Russia still remains relatively intact. Should be interesting, but the map itself is quite gorgeous if I do say so myself. I like it when map makers use the weathered look of real maps, complete with coffee stains, as if some scholar or spy has pondered this map for some time.

Honorable mentions this week go to Europe 1735 by PlatoonSgt and The State of Janszoon in 1700 by islander. I also have to give a shout out to this amazingly detailed map of the Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones universe that popped up on the Internet last week. It might not be alternate history, but the amount of work that must have gone into it must have been staggering and deserves praise.

If you want to submit a map for consideration for the next Map Monday, email me at ahwupdate at gmail dot com with your map attached and a brief description in the body of the email.

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