Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Introduction to the Altered America Anthology

Guest post by Bruno Lombardi.

What if the Louisiana Purchase never happened?

What if George Washington had been a Loyalist?

What if a billionaire cloned the Founding Fathers?

What if the Vikings had settled North America?

What if the Apollo 11 moon landing had failed?

The history of the U.S. is filled with innumerable What if...possibilities.

A new alternate history anthology by Martinus Publishing, Altered America, will be coming out at the end of March 2014, featuring 21 alternate history stories that will touch on some of these possibilities. The full table of contents of the anthology can be seen here.

In a small way, Alternate History Weekly Update helped make this anthology a reality, as a ‘call to arms’ on this blog back in October helped bring a spate of new submissions, with a variety of members from various alternate history discussion boards that follow this blog having their stories accepted for publication.

Collecting stories from both established writers (several of the writers have been featured in other anthologies by Martinus Publishing) and new writers getting their first sale, the stories will touch on a wide assortment of what if possibilities. Any fan of alternate history will almost certainly find at least one story in this collection that will peak their interest.

I’m particularly excited by this anthology as it features not one, but two, of my stories in this one, including one story on a topic near and dear to me – the Space Race and an alternate Apollo landing. As a published writer focusing mostly on science fiction and fantasy, it was a thrill trying my hand on some good old fashioned ‘historical’ fiction.

Altered America is now available for pre-order.

* * *

Bruno Lombardi has had several short stories and one novel published since 2013. His very first published short story "A Thursday Night at Doctor What's Time and Relative Dimensional Space Bar and Grill" appears in The Temporal Element anthology and is available on Amazon. He can be reached on Facebook.

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