Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Look at Secret Location’s The Great Martian War

This is why kids you need to check your spam folder regularly. You might miss out on cool looking games like Secret Location's The Great Martian War. In this alternate history based on the History Channel mockumentary, the Martians invade Earth on June 28, 1913, starting a very different Great War. Check out the trailer below:
The Great Martian War is an endless runner staring Gus Lafonde, a skillful scout and brave soldier determined to survive the Martian invasion. The player navigates vast battlefields all the while evading land mines, artillery strikes, tanks, and Martian war machines. Along the way, Gus must collect rations and Victisite (living metal that powers the alien machines) to unlock power-ups and complete his mission.

I am intrigued by this game for its combination of elements from Wells' War of the Worlds and Turtledove's Worldwar: In the Balance. If you happen to play this game, let us know either in the comments below or emailing us a review at ahwupdate at gmail dot com.

The Great Martian War is free with in-app purchases and is available on Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and Amazon’s Appstore for Android.

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