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Weekly Update #113

Editor's Note

Well I am back from Washington, DC. It was a great trip. My nation's capital is a treasure trove of American history and, surprisingly, foreign culture and cuisine. My wife and I had an amazing time, but I'm glad to be back home.

I even found a lot of inspiration for potential PODs when walking around the city. From a different Washington architecture based on the mind of Frank Lloyd Wright, to the currency that could have been used by the different states in a balkanized North America and even what a Soviet cosmonaut would have looked like on the Moon.

Yes, even on vacation, I can't get my mind out of the multiverse. Sadly my hope of bringing you a massive, even epic, Weekly Update has met the reality of what happens when you have a tired and sore Mitro. So not as much commentary today, but still some interesting press releases and a lot of links. Enjoy.

And now the news...

Tidhar's Adler

Announced at San Diego Comic-Con, Lavie Tidhar (author of the World Fantasy Award winning Osama) will be writing a five-part creator-owned mini-series for Titan Comics for release next year.

Adler has been described by Titan as “ladies of literature action-adventure” and “The League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen”. It focuses on Irene Adler as the titular character, with a host of other female figures from classic Victorian literature.

Tidhar said, “I felt disgruntled enough with recent depictions of Irene Adler (in films/tv) as a sort of Sherlock/Moriarty plaything, to actually do something about it – and in some miraculous way, it worked!” Tidhar described the project as “a predominantly a fun (I hope!) self-contained serial (it will be collected into a trade graphic novel at the end of the run), kind of steampunky, with a vibe a little similar to the Bookman novels.”

He will be working with artist Paul McCaffrey (Zombies Vs. Robots, TMNT: The Fugitoid). The two had previously collaborated on adult picture book Going To The Moon, about a boy with Tourette’s who wants to become an astronaut.

Revelations: The Steampunk Film

"Ranjana", a Bournemouth University postgraduate student, is producing a short steampunk drama for his Masters project. It's a short 20-minute film called Revelations. It has been described as "a Neo-Victorian style love story with Cyberpunk elements, which makes it a Jane Austin-esque costume drama that is more accessible, entertaining and interesting to those who might be more into Sci-Fi, the subculture or just curious in general."

The film is set in an alternate history where World War I never ended and the UK is running on a war economy. The story follows Amelia, who has found herself helplessly stuck within the oppressive walls of status, fueled by her authoritarian mother, Jane; her love interest, Cassius, who has recently returned from the war; and his rival, Hugo, the high ranking corporate official whom Jane adores. Amelia struggles to satisfy her duty as a daughter as well as her duty to herself and satisfying her own wants and needs. Below is a more detailed description:
Within a grand countryside estate, resides a girl full of melancholy. Amelia Grayson sits day in and day out, waiting for the news that will tell her whether her soldier boyfriend, Cassius Verne is dead or alive. But now, Amelia’s mother, Jane will not allow her daughter to revel in her depression any longer. Jane arranges a ‘reveal party’ and for her to court Hugo Wells, a high-ranking military official. When Cassius miraculously returns from the war unscathed, Amelia rebels against her mother’s wishes only to witness Jane exercising the full extent of her powers over her. She will wed Hugo Wells, or report Cassius as AWOL. Defeated, Amelia sinks back into depression as she attends the ball and courts Hugo Wells, when an unexpected face shows attendance, revealing bigger truths than Amelia could ever imagine and sends everything into chaos.
According to Ranjana, the film blends a lot of themes, including love and coming of age, but with a steampunk aesthetic. I look forward to learning more about Revelations in the future. You can learn more about it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Coming Soon: Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV is almost here! The newest entry in the grandest strategy series (God, I still remember playing EU I) is coming this summer on August 13, and will challenge conquerors everywhere to build their empires using expanded mechanics for religion, exploration, diplomacy, conquest, and more. A pre-order edition is available with special features not available when the game is finally released, including a Saved Game Converter for Crusader Kings II, which will read the details of a saved game from a Crusader Kings II and convert that into a game that can be played in Europa Universalis IV.

Do you want to know more? Although the game gives you plenty of non-violent means to spread your borders around the globe, lets face it, we all like declaring war. A new developer diary showcases the wide world of open warfare in Europa Universalis IV, including the dire costs of protracted battle on your fledgling empire – such as money, manpower, and morale.
Europa Universalis IV Project Lead Thomas Johansson may not be an armchair general, though he does sit in an armchair as he explains the nuances of war strategy in this latest video diary. Paradox Development Studio has changed the pace, the balance, and the consequences of warfare in their latest creation, challenging tacticians everywhere to keep their nations together during times of strife. What price are you willing to pay to see your enemies slaughtered?


August 18: Deadline for the Scrolls Flash Fiction challenge.

August 22: The Kenilworth Public Library (Kenilworth, NJ) and the Hudson Shakespeare Company present a steampunk twist on Macbeth.

August 31: Apex Magazine will close to unsolicited submissions.

November 22-23: A two-night burlesque performance is planned for Haworth, UK to coincide with a Steampunk weekend.

Links to the Multiverse


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Book Reviews

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(Counterfactual) History

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