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New Releases 10/23/12

New e-books

Country Out of Crisis by Bruce Ricketts

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What if the voters of Quebec said "Yes" to separation - and no one cared?

Welcome to 2010.

As Prime Minister Jennifer Clark rallies Canadians to move forward without Quebec, Quebec Premier Robert Benoit struggles to move his new country in a new direction.

Unfortunately for Benoit and Quebecers, twenty plus years of telling themselves that everything will be rosy outside of Canada is being shown as a oft-repeated myth. As Quebec degrades into the reality of independence, American corporate raiders are trying to to pick off one on their main industries and First Nations people from the north are showing that Quebec is, indeed, divisible.

In the Rest of Canada, Quebec separation is seen as a fresh start and Clark is determined to make the best of it.

Country Out of Crisis ends with an unexpected turn of events that might just be a prediction of things to come.

Eyeball to Eyeball (Final Failure) by Douglas Niles

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The Cuban Missile Crisis could have meant the end of the world. Instead, rational leaders managed to maintain control of their powerful militaries, and Fortune smiled on a number of potentially disastrous situations. Through patience, diplomacy—and very much good luck—disaster was diverted. But what if something had gone wrong? Eyeball to Eyeball is the first book in a speculative history series that examines this question by making one fictional modification to actual events. The ensuing story presents a world hurtling toward the precipice, with the possibility of annihilation resting in the arms of forces greater than mere human will. Is this, as President John F. Kennedy feared, the “Final Failure”?

Henry Lawson Hero of the Revolution by Robert Denethon

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A Socialist Unrealism, Australiana Noir, Speculative Faction novella about an alternative history in which Australia became the first Communist Republic and Henry Lawson is writing propaganda for the State. His problems with the demon drink notwithstanding, and the fact that his relationship with Bertha is on the rocks, Henry Lawson must find out the truth about the Robots. Along the way he has an affair with Hannah Thornburn and flees the authorities. Will he find out the truth and bring about the Revolution that the Robots are waiting for? Is he really a hero? Find out in this ground-breaking piece of bizarre homage to the great Australian poet.

The Skyborne Corsairs: A Steampunk Adventure by Dominic Chandos

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For the first time as an e-book, ‘The Skyborne Corsairs’ is a classic Steampunk adventure by an established author of the genre, Dominic Chandos. It is 1865 but in a world where dirigibles rival steamships and a travel writer records his exploits on to wax discs. The ship Anthony Cavendish is travelling on to take up a position in Algeria is halted by a vast hovering aircraft, like nothing seen before. The pirates aboard loot the ship and snatch many women passengers, including Anthony’s wife Henrietta. Banding together with an Italian revolutionary and a Canadian author, Cavendish sets out to scour remote regions of North Africa to locate the air-pirates’ base. For all his bravado, he finds himself facing insurmountable challenges as the trio, and the motley band of fighters they assemble, battle through to destroy the infernal machine and rescue the prisoners. In a base that turns out to be a caricature of the North African setting, does Cavendish have the courage and ingenuity to win through? If he does, what will be the price he has to pay for victory?

The fast-moving novella combines an engaging, but credible, Steampunk setting with both adventure and well-developed characters. Not only will it appeal to those who already enjoy the Steampunk genre but also to those who are seeking a brisk but enthralling story.

The Trial of Douglas Haig: A What If? Story by Alexander Rooksmoor

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‘The Butcher’ brought to account in revolutionary Britain

In this alternate history, during the First World War, the Etaples Mutiny spread right through the British Army, its fervour unsuppressed by the American troops called into put it down. Within weeks revolution has run the length of Britain overthrowing the vested interests which had taken the country into such a bloody futile war. One-by-one those responsible for the deaths and mutilation of thousands of young men have been brought to trial. Now it is the turn of the man known as ‘The Butcher’, the man who commanded thousands to their deaths, Douglas Haig.

This novelette from Alexander Rooksmoor, the renowned author of ‘what if?’ history books and fiction, looks at 1920s Britain following a revolution. It explores the challenges presented to those at the top of British society in the face of people power, rather than remaining in place as they did in our world. As to be expected from Alexander, this story is both well founded in the historical detail but raises questions which will intrigue readers and stimulate debate.

To fans, authors and publishers...

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