Friday, August 10, 2012

Chicon 7 Steps Up Art Activities with ASFA Support

More news from Worldcon. Chicon 7 will showcase science fiction and fantasy art with the support of ASFA, The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists. ASFA is a non-profit organization of science fiction and fantasy artists that promotes art in the genre. ASFA has a long association with Worldcon going back to 1985, and traditionally presents the Chesley Awards during the event.

Chicon 7's art activities will include the Art Show, an Artist Showcase publication, a special exhibit from Guest of Honor Jane Frank, and the presentation of the Chesley Awards. The Art Show will be presented in the Regency Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Hotel and will feature the work of over 100 artists including leading names in the field such as Artist Guest of Honor Rowena Morrill, Kelly Freas, Elizabeth Berrien, Richard Powers, and Don Maitz.  Original works and prints will be available in all price ranges from a few dollars to many thousands.

The Artist Showcase is a limited edition, 56-page, full color commemorative publication featuring biographies and selected artworks from the exhibiting artists. The Showcase will be available to Chicon 7 members from the Art Show and from the Sales to Members area, at a price of $10 per copy. A free, online, gallery of the exhibiting artists can also be found on the Chicon 7 website.

The Chicon 7 special art exhibit is the Frank Room, a recreation of the Haggard Room from Jane and Howard Frank's house. This room celebrates Jane and Howard's love of the works of H. Rider Haggard and features specially commissioned art illustrating many of Haggard's stories, in a room decorated with Victorian era furnishings. Artists represented in the Haggard room include Michael Whelan, Don Maitz, Bob Eggleton, Donato Giancola, Ian Miller, Jeff Jones, Richard Bober, and Steve Hickman.

The 2012 Chesley Awards ceremony will be held on Friday, August 31, starting at at 7:30 p.m. in the Comiskey Room at the Hyatt Regency. The Chesley Awards recognize individual artistic works and achievements in 11 categories, including cover illustration in hardcover, paperback, and magazine formats, interior illustration, unpublished color and monochrome work, three-dimensional art, product and gaming-related illustration, art direction, and overall artistic achievement.

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