Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekly Update #59

Editor's Note

Another week, another Weekly Update.  Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the first post on Weekly Update.  I am going to still be posting the usual New Releases post at 11 am, but I will be following it with a sappy and sentimental article about what I have learned and experienced writing this blog.  I don't care if anyone reads that post, I just need to say a few things for myself.

So what else is going on this week?  Well this afternoon I will be introducing a new series that I think you steampunk fans will enjoy, plus Richard Small, author of Confederate Star Rises, will be publishing a response to Chris Nuttall's Musings on an Independent Confederacy.  Speaking of Chris, he has a review coming up this week that I think you will all enjoy.

Meanwhile, we got our first reader from Guernsey.  Welcome!

And now the news...

Alternate Philippines History

Filipinos celebrated Independence Day by writing alternate history microfiction on Twitter.  Sounds like the best way to celebrate the birth of a nation ever!  Here is my favorite tweet so far:

Budjette Tan: #RP612fic Imperial troopers arrived and obliterated the Spanish armada
You can find more information about this unique celebration and examples of Tweets like the one above, here and here.

Convention Watch

Those interested in experiencing some alternate history outside of the Internet have a few more options available.

Those reader living near Hartford, Connecticut, can experience "A Steampunk Reliquary:A Cabinet of Curiosities" in the Windham Textile and History Museum.  The exhibit is put on by Ann Pedro and features "items so curious that every little element to each item can be fully appreciated only by a long, slow look at them."  The exhibit will remain open until Sunday, Aug. 26. Hours are Friday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Details:

Meanwhile, those living in Dallas, Texas should save the dates of March 8, 9, and 10th.  That is when Dallas All-Con 2013 will be happening.  If you like science fiction, there is a good chance you will enjoy yourself there.

Calls for Submissions

Want to be a published author?  Sure we all do and now you have a few more opportunities to let those short fiction authors inside all of us to get out:

  • Nightmare magazine is now accepting submissions.  Check out their Guidelines page for more details on how to submit your alternate history/horror story.
  • Ann & Jeff VanderMeer, the same duo who brought you all of those steampunk anthologies, are calling for submissions for a feminist speculative fiction anthology.  Due date for submissions is August 5th and you can find more details here.
  • The Future Fire wants submissions for We See a Different Frontier, a colonial-themed anthology, but from the perspective of those being colonized.  Deadline is September 14th.
If the whole process of submitting manuscripts to faceless publishers does not appeal to you, then why not try self-publishing?  Mark Lord, editor of Alt Hist, is starting a series of posts about the pros and cons of self-publishing that you should check out.

As always, good luck.

Links to the Multiverse


Australia and the Eurozone: a counterfactual account of economic history by Yanis Varoufakis at The Conversation.

'Civ' creator surprised gamer played for a decade by Derrik J. Land at Yahoo! News.

Could the Way of Live of the US South have survived without Lee's successes? by Sebastian Breit at The War Blog.


Fiction Review: Land of Hope and Glory by Geoffrey Wilson at PW.

Press Release: The Good, The Bad and The Infernal by Dion at Geek Syndicate.

Review of 1636: The Kremlin Games by Eric Flint done by Sacramento Book Review.

Steam Patriots by Noble Beast.

Steampunk Spotlight: Cherie Priest’s Ganymede by Jackson Kuhl at Black Gate.

Online Alternate History

Counter Factual Dot Net at TV Tropes.

Life Goes on in the Wasteland: A Hetalia and 1983: Doomsday crossover.

The Superhuman Activity Regulatory Act by Chris Nuttall.


Kung Fu Meets Steampunk Flick "Tai Chi 0" Heading to North America by Scott Green at PC Online.

Your brain cannot handle Hitlar, a movie about Hitler’s evil Pakistani gangster son by Cyriaque Lamar at io9.

Video Games

Black Gold Online reveals debut trailer by Matt Daniel at Massively.

*       *       *

Matt Mitrovich is the founder and editor of Alternate History Weekly Update, a volunteer editor for the Alt Hist magazine and a contributor to Just Below the Law. One of his short stories will be published in the upcoming Echelon Press anthology, Once Upon a Clockwork Tale (2013). When not writing he works as an attorney in the state of Illinois and enjoys life with his beautiful wife Alana.

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