Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Changing the Times: The Beginning

Guest post by Chris Nuttall.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away...

Well, actually it was Manchester 2002, but why let accuracy spoil such a dramatic line? 

Christopher Nuttall, a young student in Manchester, spent large amounts of his time hunting the Internet for alternate history.  Rumours that this was due to strict university cyber control policies are lies, all lies, I deny it all...

Anyway, Chris noted that one thing the Internet didn't really have was a site where different AH writers could post their essays and get feedback.  After some careful research, Chris created the first version of Changing the Times, with an original membership of some 30 people.  CTT was originally hosted on Geocities, but moved to a better web server shortly thereafter.  Chris intended to post an issue once per month and convince readers to give feedback.  He was better at the first one than the latter, as not everyone could be convinced to post feedback.  Later, the original PDF format gave way to a dedicated website.

Everything hummed along smoothly until Chris discovered that the twin demands of work and writing (see his website: took time away from alternate history.  Worse was to come; a band of ruthless pornographers took control of the CTT domain name and tried to force Chris to shell out cash to get it back.  Reader feedback, on the other hand, went through the roof, with Chris regarded as a cool guy for knowing so many porno models.  He didn't know any of them, but he was glad to pocket the cash for introductions...

...Wait, I meant to say that he was glad to sign the pornographers up for every spam email service I could find.  Bastards.

Anyway – gee, I love that word – David Atwell stepped forward in CTT’s hour of need and volunteered to take over the running of the site.  Chris handed creative control over to him and that is where the story really starts...

*      *      *

Chris Nuttall blogs at The Chrishanger and has a website by the same name. His books can be found on Amazon Kindle.

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